Loss Prevention

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Loss Prevention

  • Monitoring Of Reefer Containers During Stuffing At Port
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection Of Reefer Unit Operation
  • Antidrug Inspectiont At Port
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection Of Controlled Atmosphere Containers
Monitoring Of Reefer Containers During Stuffing At Port

Monitoring of containers stuffing at consolidation yards and at connection towers in order to minimize the off power time.

Monitor proper positioning of units at courtyard of consolidation in order to reduce delays or bottlenecks

Check that the units are suitable for stuffing and that the consolidation site is clean and free of odors.

Check that the units are connected in the times agreed between operator and shipping line and send proper alerts in real time in case those times are exceeded in order to generate proper corrections by operators in the cases needed.

Check at connection towers that units are connected promptly.

Pre-Shipment Inspection Of Reefer Unit Operation

General inspection by qualified technicians of the machine and its components.

Inspection is performed in order to prevent damage to cargo that may be generated by improper unit operation.

If abnormalities are detected, alerts are issued to the parties involved and adequate tracking is carried out to ensure prompt corrective action by contractor.

Antidrug Inspectiont At Port

Continuous attendance of surveyor during loading operation in order to avoid either shipment delays or failure to embark the containers requested for inspection by Drug enforcement personnel.

Monitoring of antidrug inspection to minimize damages during partial or complete de-stuffing of the container.

Immediate reporting in case cargo samples are taken by pertinent Authorities.

Provide prompt information about new seals placed on the containers after inspection.

Pre-Shipment Inspection Of Controlled Atmosphere Containers

Whether on the farm or at storage sites, the container is inspected to establish its structural condition and to detect the presence of odors inside.

To check that the unit carries a complete set of accessories such as floor plugs, ethylene filters and curtain with its warning label.

During the stuffing of the container, to monitor the stow does not exceed the red line and also to verify that the cargo packing is consistent with the requirements of the container especially relevant to the airflow.

After the stuffing is concluded, to verify that the curtain is properly installed and the respective label is placed.

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