Casualty Investigations

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Casualty Investigations

  • Cargo Shifting
  • Vessel Damage
  • Personal Injuries
  • Colissions y Groundings
  • Berth Damage
Cargo Shifting

Determining nature, cause, and extent of damage to cargo.

Determining adequacy of stow, including examination of lashing materials and adequacy of lashing material.

Reviewing records of sea passage

Interviewing vessel master and crew.

Vessel Damage

Determining nature, cause and extent of vessel damage.

Determining associated costs, including costs of repair, delays, and cancellations.

Reviewing records of sea passage.

Witness Interviews.

Personal Injuries

Determining nature, cause and extent of personal injury.

Examination of accident location.

Witness Interviews.

Reviewing of injury records.

Colissions y Groundings

Determining nature and extent of damage to vessel

Determining nature and extent of damage to cargo.

Supervising cargo transfer and vessel repairs.

Documentation review.

Witness interviews.

Berth Damage

Establishing nature and extent of berth damage.

Underwater inspection of berth.

Assessment of temporary repairs, if required.

Calculation of loss of usage of berth.

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